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take your first first breath underwater

You will not have to attend an entire course !! After a simple lesson you will do a real scuba dive with your PADI Instructor and have fun underwater!!

how does it work

with this mini-course, after a simple lesson, you can immediately do a real scuba dive with all the diving equipment together with your PADI Instructor and in maximum safety !!  Really simple, safe and fun !!

Our dive Center is located in Pescara and our dive inflatable boat is moored at the Marina di Ortona (30’ car from pescara) from which we start for diving

service available from May 1st until September 30th

minimum age 10 years
good general health
knowing how to swim

1 hour and a half
check dates availability
and rates

teaching materials
equipment rental
2 dive from the boat

Please booking now to check our rates and availability

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Via Raffaello Sanzio 119
65124 Pescara PE Italy


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Phone: +39 3284410287